Prom Business

Prom season is a great time to introduce your business to a new demographic – the teen market. An event that many girls dream about, being a part of the memory can build a relationship that lasts long after prom, and lands you a loyal client.

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Here are some ideas to build Prom into your marketing calendar:

  • Prom Promotion Packages – Offer several levels of services to fit different budgets and age groups. Don’t forget this isn’t just about the high school kids – middle school’s have a graduation dance as well.
  • Referral Program – Salons: “Schedule prom services for yourself and a friend and get XX free.” Offer a gloss treatment or a travel size product to secure more appointments. Retail: “Buy 1 Necklace for yourself and a friend and get a pair of earrings free”.
  • Plan a Pre-Prom Prep Event – Showcase prom hair, makeup, tanning, or styling/outfit demonstrations and book appointments or sales right on the spot.
  • Stock up on Prom Retail Items – Invest in hair clips, earrings, lipgloss, or bronzer – anything prom-appropriate and stock them in key retail areas.
  • Prom Prep Beauty Check List – Date? Check. Dress? Check. Hair & Makeup? Showcase all of your services you provide in a check list.
  • Heavily Promote on Social and Email Campaigns – Prom hair and makeup inspiration, prom planning tips, beauty how-to’s, etc.

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Ready to see SIC results? Let’s get started on your Prom marketing today!